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12/3/2017 Last month, Scout was diagnosed with cancer, and we made the choice to end her life peacefully, in the gazebo with our veterinarian.  This is the eulogy I wrote for her that day, and it took me some time to post it. 11/10/17 Scout was a shy puppy at Jim’s Pet World in Addison, [...]

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First frost

10/26/17 We woke up today to Beckett announcing “It’s the first frost! And it’s awesome!”  The grass and roof were frosted white, reflecting the morning sun.  Beckett and Casey had made a couch nest on the 1st floor to have their own sleepover while Russell spent the night in our bed.  They made a perimeter [...]

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Life Cycles

Began writing on May 25, 2017 I finally had a chance to try out the roller crimper, a new tractor implement that I was excited to use.  The winter rye and other cover crops we’ve planted rebuild the soil when they decay, but also act as a mulch to suppress weeds and help reduce run [...]

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Fences to Grow

5/4/2017 In the name of spring prep and animal enclosure we have taken a few steps making a home for our ducks and meat chicks and the upcoming goats, sheep, and llama.  We haven’t thought much about the turkeys except when a wild one crosses the road or field.  The ducks and chicks moved out [...]

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3/30/2017 I’d like to simply report on some areas we’ve been working on over the winter and address what’s happening here as of today.  I see how easy it is to take a month off of writing and work gets done without the time to take a snapshot and remember the farm in its beginning [...]

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The New Year

1/31/17 As with this new farming life seems to bring, so much seems to happen in a month, yet the daily schedule seems so singular.  In the past month we became accustomed to the winter, traveled to Central America, then had to reacclimate to the winter, built most of the workshop, made many plans and [...]

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